Czech Republic
BB Art have published many of my books in the past. Tympanum are now licensed for the first three Falco titles as audiobooks (2022)

Klim published all Falco titles to A Dying Light in Corduba, and did some Audio editions, but some time ago. Gutkind are now licensed to republish the first three Falco titles (2022).

Tanapaev Publishers are licensed to publish The Silver Pigs and Shadows in Bronze.

Editions du Masque published the first eight Falco titles, some time ago. The Silver Pigs is now being reissued by Société Libella.


Previously published books are now to be available as ebooks from Dotbooks. Dotbooks are also to produce an e-book bundle (2023) called WIR, DIE FRAUEN DER EWIGEN STADT (in English ‘We, the Women of the Eternal City’), including The Course of Honour (Die Gefährtin des Kaisers).

Livanis have contracts for the first three Falco titles.

An early edition of The Silver Pigs is now out of print.

Marco Tropea have published The Course of Honour and the Falco series as far as One Virgin Too Many. Kogoi Edizione published The Jupiter Myth but will not now be continuing.

Kobunsha now has contracts for all the Falco titles to date.

The first three titles are published by Goldenbough.

Rebis Publishers are to publish the first six Falco novels.

Editora Gotica (Medialivros Actividades) have published as far as Poseidon’s Gold.
ASA are now to publish the Ides of April.

RAO are to publish the first two Falco novels.

AST Publishers of Moscow have been licensed for translations of The Silver Pigs and Shadows in Bronze.

Serbia and Montenegro
Magnet Publishing are to publish The Silver Pigs


The Falco series, The Course of Honour, Falco: The Official Companion, Rebels and Traitors and Master and God were all published by my longtime publishers Edhasa.

Ediciones B are to publish the Albia series, starting in 2016 and will reissue some Falco novels.

Spanish Language – America
Many of the titles are available in licensed editions.

Spain – Catalan Language
The first title in the Falco series, The Silver Pigs, which has always been known as La Plata de Britania, was published in 1997 by Columna.

Bokförlaget Polaris are to publish ebooks of the first three Falco novels.

Kitapyayinevi is to publish as far as The Iron Hand of Mars.

Alfa Yayinlari are to publish the first three titles in the Albia series.

See English-language rights on the Publications page.