My books are now becoming more available for ebook readers. Because I don’t deal with the e-book companies myself (my print publishers do that), I do not have full information on who produces each title but on the Publications page you can find out which books licensed and take it from there.

All my books in the UK are available, many with extra material – something about that particular book.

In America only titles that are currently licensed in print form, including reissues of older books, are available. I’m sorry that this means there is a gap in the middle of the Falco series, and I am exploring what can be done about this.

There have been instances where books have been poorly scanned. This is unacceptable. If you buy an unsatisfactory version, you want either a free replacement or your money back. First notify the seller; they should have a place on their website where you can do this. If this doesn’t work, and quickly, notify the original print publisher. Then tell me so I can if needs be apply pressure.