Film rights to all my books currently reside with me.

A film called The Age of Treason was made some years ago, ostensibly of The Silver Pigs, though who would know? It departed from everything that I think makes the books special. This is the terrible side of Hollywood in particular and film companies in general. It taught me that authors will probably not be made rich and famous through film rights, that they should demand enough money to cover any pain, and that they have a duty to loyal readers to defend much-loved characters.

Next, the BBC optioned the entire Falco series on what seemed decent terms but they bought another series instead.

I then signed an option for Mammoth Screen to develop the Falco series for TV. After ten years (2021) it has been decided that Mammoth should give up. I am told such a failure has never happened before. There is no point in recrimination; there are several reasons why a series failed to happen – and perhaps now there are also reasons for relief. The attempt cost money, imposed a lot of work, and at times caused me anguish. I simply don’t know whether this intriguing glimpse of the film world was worth it.

Will Falco or Albia ever reach the screen in my lifetime? Who knows. I still believe it should be possible. But I still believe too that the books are loved because of the way they are written and there is no point in any attempt that cannot fulfil their values.