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We don’t offer a chat room, but you can e-mail us.

Lindsey Davis emails to me come directly to me, though other people read them too for security reasons. I do read them all. Some people imagine I have a large staff for correspondence, but no. I try to reply to everyone, though I can’t undertake protracted correspondence or I would never have time to write.

  • Please don’t add these email addresses to your computer address book
  • Please do not send attachments or links. I never open unsolicited links because of the risk to my computer – no, not even pictures of your dear puppy called Falco. And certainly not that extract from your unpublished novel… (see Rants)
  • If your Spam filter requires a log-in, I’m afraid you won’t receive an answer. I don’t have the patience to fill these things in.
  • Full Inbox? I can’t tell you how irritating it is to compose a careful reply to someone but have it rejected. Your reply will be lost, I fear.
  • Please don’t ask me to be your Friend on a networking site. I am much too shy and reclusive.
  • Please don’t send questions for a blog for your site; I am inundated with such requests and just can’t do it.

I love to know who my readers are, so do mention a little about yourself – and tell me where you live if it isn’t obvious.

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